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Herzlich welcome to Man and Organization, Frank Rambaek and Partners, a network of professional colleagues. You are curious and love searching? You can find what interests you be this getting into contact, checking what we can offer, and downloading pages on conflict management (download) or decision-styles. We share with you appreciating each other’s work and giving credit to origins.

I, Frank Rambaek, self-employed since 1978, was born in Kiel, Germany, lived in South Africa some eight years. I have my roots in Organizational Development (OD) and all kinds of Seminars and Workshops.

Our doing arises from pick up people and organizations where they are at and from the "Basic principles of professional OD. " Efficiency, Quality of work life and creating Learning fields are three of the goals of OD. One realization contained in this is: Development processes are learning processes that occur in complex, systemic relations. Sustainable development and change requires a holistic approach. From the beginning, "Relationship-Management" is being practiced. If those involved learn, to communicate authentically, empathically and acceptingly then this not only adds positively to facts and data but also to relations because both are worked with simultaneously. Consultancy companies with one sided structural approaches often leave "broken pieces. "

Our strength lies in the capability to reach people in organizations vertically and horizontally from top to bottom and vice versa. Together with them we create a space in which they take along "content/fact" and human/relational development.

"The art of thinking together offers in dialogue rooms the unfolding of collective intelligence".I believe all “marketing concepts like appreciative enquiry contain this "truth" in consensus.
This deep deep attitude/conviction leads and is in our contribution to development in all kinds of organizations. Have a look at and enjoy what Peter Senge says in diesem Video


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